Athletic Performance

Professional athletes rely on chiropractic care because it gives them a competitive edge and prevents injury.  In the same way, the weekend athlete, amateur, or growing child will benefit from the injury prevention and performance “edge” that results from chiropractic care.

The athlete’s body is vital equipment for peak performance.  Whether subjected to impact, twisting, or simple repetition, the results can be painful and have the potential to “sideline” the amateur as well as the professional.   Malfunction of the neuromusculoskeletal system, and resulting “compensation,” require more energy to achieve the athlete’s desired that is needed for performance.

Strained extremity muscles and joints are frequently the result of improper balance of the vertebrae and muscles, resulting in such common injuries as strained quadriceps, hamstrings, Achilles tendons commonly seen in runners; leg strains of the soccer player; tendonitis or sprained ankles, shoulders, and wrists commonly seen in golfers and tennis players. 

Any sport that subjects the joints to wear and tear may push vertebrae and extremity joints out of their normal position.  This can affect the entire nervous system, as well as other tissues, organs, and systems in the body.  Until the vertebrae and spinal joints are restored to normal position, performance is likely to be impaired by limited motion, strength, endurance and speed.

A chiropractic checkup will discover any problems that could limit your athletic performance.  Corrections are usually simple and suggestions for prevention and maintenance are designed to enhance performance, prevent injury, and give you the “edge!” 

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